APEX Dental Materials are gaining recognition in many countries as the gold standard in their product categories. 
For over 10 years APEX have listened to doctors and in their modern laboratories have perfected a specific number of materials which improve doctors' clinical success or which are innovative and high quality .
Hexagon Ltd co-operate closely with APEX to offer the products to export markets worldwide, primarily through dealers or country agents, excluding the USA and Canada which APEX supplies directly.


Interface Ceramic / Enamel / Dentin Primer.

To simplify your practice, Apex Dental Materials is pleased to present the only ceramic preparation material you will ever need


Interface Kit      Kit includes 2 x 3 ml bottles of material, applicators, a well and instructions                                                                                                                                                               


Simplicity Self-Etch Adhesive system combines the three most important features of flawless bonding. Simplicity provides consistency, versatility, and speed in the same package.


Simplicity Kit with Microbrush Tips and Ultrabrush Tips

Includes: 1 x 6mil bottle of Simplicity 1, 1 x 6mil bottle of Simplicity 2, 1 box Microbrush tips (50 tips), 1 box Ultrabrush tips (50 tips), two handles for Microbrush and Ultrabrush tips, one dual cavity well, and instructions.
Simplicity Refill Bottles Set
Includes: 1 x 6mil bottle of Simplicity 1, 1 x 6mil bottle of Simplicity 2
Simplicity 1 Refill Bottle (6ml)
Includes: 1 x 6mil bottle of Simplicity 1
Simplicity 2 Refill Bottle (6ml)
Includes: 1 x 6mil bottle of Simplicity 2
Combining proven self-etching technologies with a new primer / bonding resin approach, Surpass® offers the highest shear strengths while eliminating sensitivity in one simple technique. Surpass® is...The Gold Standard in Dental Adhesion


Available as :

Surpass Kit
Includes: 1 x 6ml bottle of Surpass® 1
1 x 6ml bottle of Surpass® 2
1 x 6ml bottle of Surpass® 3
3 x boxes of 25 color coded applicator sticks
1 x well, instructions, and MSDS
Surpass refill kit
Includes: 1 x 6ml bottle of Surpass® 1
1 x 6ml bottle of Surpass® 2
1 x 6ml bottle of Surpass® 3
Superb Universal Adhesive
A single bottle bonding agent has finally been developed that provides exceptional clinical results. SUPERB Universal Adhesive combines the etchant, primer and bonding resin into a single bottle. The combination of components and reduction of steps within the application protocol has led to an extremely consistent, easy to apply bonding system with little to no technique sensitivity.SUPERB is recommended for all classes of direct restorations and indirect restoration delivery. When all of this is combined with best-in-class bonding and the elimination of post operative sensitivity there is no doubt....... SUPERB is the Single Bottle of Choice!!!
Available as :
Superb Kit
Includes: 1 x 4ml bottle of SUPERB
1 x tube of 50 applicator sticks
1 x single cavity well, instructions, and MSDS



Titan 6 Syringe Variety Pack

1 x 1.5 gram syringe selected ffrom the following shades :
A1  A2  A3  A3.5  A4  B1 OW (opaque white), TR (translucent)  with 25 x 20 gauge flow thru dispensing tips
Titan Flowthru® Tip Refill Box
1 x 100 piece box of 20 gauge Flowthru® tips


Low-shrink, light-cure composite with nanofiller technology.
Exquisite Restoration Nanofil Composite 4 gram syringe.
Shades available : A1 A2 A3 A4 B1 Incisal D2 and D3

Injectafil® Dual Cure Composite

Speed, versatility and exceptional Performance...all in one


Injectafil® Kit

1 x 10 gram dual barreled syringe 1 x extrusion handle 8 x mixing tips with intraoral tips. 
Injectafil® Syringe Refill
1 x 10 gram dual barreled syringe 8 - mixing tips with intraoral tips
Injectafil® Refill Tips
Bag of 50 mixing tips with intraoral tips 
Injectafil® Extrusion Handle
1 x extrusion handle 

Seamfree Composite Wetting Resin & Lubricant

Seamfree is a wetting resin that has been designed to make the delivery of composite materials easier and more consistent by eliminating the tackiness that makes manipulation difficult


Seamfree Bulk Bottle Kit

1 x 3ml bottle, 1 x single cavity well, and 25 applicators 
Seamfree Syringe Kit
1 x 1.5ml syinge with 10 applicator tips 
Seamfree Syringe Applicator Tip Refill
Bag of 50 applicator tips


Anchor® Complete Core Build-Up/Luting Material

The only product that offers a complete core build up material and superior luting cement in the same package.


 Anchor® Kit 

 25ml cartridge, tips, and gun. In shades shown above.
Anchor® Extrusion Gun Handle
Anchor® Refill Kit
25ml cartridge and tips. In shades shown above.
Anchor® 5ml Push Syringe
5ml push syringe. In shades shown above
Anchor® Tip Refill (Blue)
Refill bags of tips (refill bags of 50 units) in blue 
Anchor® Tip Refill (Brown)
Refill bags of tips (refill bags of 50 units) in brown


Clean & Boost™: Dentin and Enamel Cleanser


Clean & Boost Kit

Syringe and 5 applicator tips
Clean & Boost Tip Refill
Bag of 50 tips
Please note : Minimum order values may apply to make shipping cost-effective .
Shark Tray

The Shark Tray® is an item that makes the process of taking an impression easier and more reliable. With new patented features the Shark Tray has revolutionized the impression material tray. While keeping an eye on costs, theShark Tray® has been designed to eliminate a number of challenges presented by conventional impression trays.

  • Lateral walls to push impression materials vertically to ensure you’ve captured a crisp, clinical margin
  • Foam walls for added patient comfort and ease of use for patients with limited opening ability
  • An increased tray to provide labs with a true quadrant impression, thus eliminating the need for quad trays or a bit tray.
  • A larger more ergonomic handle to facilitate the ability to hand the impression between the doctor and assistant.



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